May 24, 2018  
2012-2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, Bioinformatics, B.S.

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Chair: Dr. Marian Langer


Bioinformatics is a relatively new discipline that can be viewed as a combination of molecular biology and computer science. In recent years biologists have been acquiring a great deal of data through endeavors such as the human genome project. These large quantities of biological data are stored in databases. Bioinformatics uses computer science to work with and solve problems related to this data.

Those in the bioinformatics field might be involved in the development and implementation of software that allow researchers to work with the biological data for purposes such as investigating the causes of diseases, developing gene-based drugs, or to learn more about molecular biology. This might involve developing new algorithms or techniques for analysis of data and molecular modeling; programming; systems and database administration.

Students who choose to major in Bioinformatics will take classses that are taken by students who are obtaining majors in Biology as well as classes taken by students who are obtaining majors in Computer Science. Upon compleion of the requirements for a degree in Bioinformatics, the successful student will be prepared to work in the Bioinformatics field, to pursue graduate studies in Biology, Bioinformatics, or for a career in Computer Science.

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