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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Affairs

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International Admissions and Student Services

Director: Samuel Heikinen

The International Admissions and Student Services center is chaired with the responsibility of recruiting a quality class of international students every year, and providing each and every international student with the necessary support and guidance that will ensure their continued educational and spiritual growth throughout their university years.

Part of this service is an orientation seminar, presented in a weekly classroom setting, introducing each new international student to the various aspects of the Saint Francis University educational community from a distinctive international perspective.

GEN 180. International Student Seminar
(0 credits)

This course will cover topics including, but not limited to: campus and departmental resources, how to connect to campus and the community, study habits, time management, and immigration issues. Fall semester.

Week 1: How to connect on campus
The student will have an understanding of the various options as they relate to campus organizations and how to join, organize and benefit from participation in these various activities.

Week 2: Homesickness, roommate issues, peer pressure, substance abuse
The student will be able to understand the many personal issues that present itself during the freshman year and will become familiar with the Counseling Center’s resources and opportunities. They will also know where to go and who to ask for assistance.

Week 3: Study habits and time management
After successful completion of this seminar, the student will be familiar with strategies to effectively manage their time, both in preparation for the classroom and on a personal basis.

Week 4: Living on campus
The student will have developed an understanding of the myriad opportunities that come with living on campus and exposure to the surrounding towns and villages.

Week 5: Safety and Security
With this introduction the student will have a greater appreciation for, interest in and understanding of their personal safety on campus.

Week 6: Issues that are specific to the international sector - immigration issues
The student will have a thorough knowledge of many and varied aspects of traveling as an international student.

Academic Counseling for Intercollegiate Athletics

In cooperation with the Academic Center for Enrichment, the Athletics Department at Saint Francis University provides a comprehensive Student-athlete Development Program and NCAA Life Skills Program. All first-year student-athletes begin their road to success with supervised study, academic monitoring, free tutorial services, and a Life Skills program committed to helping student-athletes focus on academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, career development, and community service. These programs are available to student-athletes throughout their years at Saint Francis University. Student-athletes may also receive individual or group counseling that provides strategic intervention for specific concerns such as: time management, goal setting, precompetition or test anxiety, mental preparation, and moral development.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Saint Francis University Office of Multicultural Affairs is designed to promote cultural awareness and understanding on campus and it surrounding communities. The office provides leadership to the university in its endeavor to create a campus characterized by equal access and respected participation for all groups and individuals, where diversity is not simply tolerated but valued. The Center for Multicultural Affairs is located in Ave Maria Hall and serves as a place to meet, to coordinate and facilitate activities that celebrate diversity, and to enhance the development of a multicultural community.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs assists students in their educational, cultural and developmental growth in order to promote the students’ overall success. The community’s understanding of the university’s diversity initiatives comes from a variety of sources and messages, including informal dialog among students, faculty, staff and administrators as well as through the public media. In addition, formal co-curricular opportunities further dialogue in the classroom, offices, residence halls, dining hall and student center on campus.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs creates an inclusive environment by furthering the campus’ multicultural dialog and by giving a voice to students of color as they embrace the Saint Francis University community and share a rich tradition of cultures and values which provides a positive affect on life at Saint Francis.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs embodies the mission of the University and is committed to:

  • Academic/Social/Personal Development
  • Cultural Development
  • Programs and Workshops

which are achieved by:

  • Academic/Social/Personal Development
    Peer Mentors who facilitate the needs of minority students as they relate to academic, social and personal adjustments.
  • Cultural Development
    The Multicultural Awareness Society (MAS), a student organization serves as the voice of the minority students, and is an inclusive organization which strives to increase multicultural awareness and celebrates cultural diversity.
  • Programs and Workshops
    The Office, along with members of MAS, present programs, lead workshops, and facilitate discussions on topics such as diversity, prejudice, racism, sexism, and community building.

For additional information or questions, please contact: Lynne Banks, Assistant to The Vice President for Student Development, x3002,

Military Science/Army ROTC

The Military Science Program enables a student to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army after successful completion of the program and attainment of the baccalaureate degree. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps activities stimulate self-discipline, develop responsibility, promote personal integrity, enhance the value of a liberal arts education, and develop leadership qualities. Coursework consists of one course each semester and a summer camp between sophomore and junior, or junior and senior, years. No formal commitment is necessary until after the sophomore year, and all credits are accepted toward graduation. For further information, contact the Department of Military Science.

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