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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Francis Worldwide

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At Francis Worldwide (FWW), we know that online learning can be a challenge while working, raising a family, and other life responsibilities. That is why we offer a variety of courses and programs to fit your educational needs just when you need it. Our lifelong learning framework allows you to complete an entire degree program, take a few courses to get that next job or promotion, or just to learn a new skill. Most FWW courses are accelerated 8-week courses with some 16-week courses. We offer two learning sessions or starts per semester and a winter term to help you get through your programs faster.

Continuing one’s academic journey is an exciting and fulfilling process. We know because all of the staff at FWW are lifelong learners just like you. We work, we have families, and we go to school. We know what you are going through. The University has offered adult education courses since 1973. We may be reached by phone at 1-800-457-6300 or by email at worldwide@francis.edu.

Academic Programs and Partnerships:

Francis Worldwide (FWW) offers a variety of online programs for adult students to successfully earn a certificate, undergraduate degree, or graduate degree while balancing the demands of employment, family, and finances. In addition, we maximize students’ prior credits with our generous transfer credit policy and through our partnerships with various institutions, from community colleges not only in the local or regional area but out-of-state two-year colleges. We accept credits from any accredited institution plus special training including military credits.

See the following for more information:

Profile of the Saint Francis University Adult Learner:

The FWW programs are designed for students seeking to enhance and develop their current profession, embark on a new career path, or resume their postsecondary studies. The FWW programs offered through Saint Francis University primarily focus on the student who has full-time responsibilities on the job or in the home. Some students work part-time or may have been displaced from a job and are looking to retool. No matter the case, FWW is here to serve the adult learner’s needs.

Admissions Requirements:

All programs through Francis Worldwide (FWW) operate on a rolling admission basis. Students with prior college credit must have at least a 2.0 GPA (C average) to be considered for admission to the University. Those with no prior college coursework must have a high school diploma or GED with average grades of a C or higher and may need to enroll in college readiness courses to determine their level of knowledge.

Individuals interested in applying for admission to any undergraduate program offered through FWW must submit the following materials:

The application for admission will not be processed until all materials have been received. Credit evaluation of courses taken at other accredited colleges will be completed once all transcripts have been received. Documents received by Saint Francis University become the property of the University and will not be returned to students. Copies of the documents will be made only for internal University business.

Note: Individual programs may have additional admission criteria. Applicants should refer to the individual program page in this publication.

Application Deadline:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

For those Currently in the Military Service:

The Office of Military Affairs educates veteran-students on Federal and State programs that are in place to assist with funding an education. Further information is available in the Admissions section of this catalog.

Applicants Located Outside of Pennsylvania:

Individuals located outside of Pennsylvania who are interested in applying for admission should consult the University’s State Authorization website for details.

International Applicants:

Further information is available in the Admissions section of this catalog. 


Students previously in attendance through FWW at Saint Francis University who have interrupted their studies for financial or personal reasons do not need to submit another application form unless they have stopped out or had been withdrawn from the University for five years or more. Prior students wanting to continue their studies should contact FWW for reactivation of their credentials or for more information. FWW will process their request for readmission through Academic Affairs and other departments as appropriate.

Students who are academically dismissed from the University may not reapply for admission for at least one calendar year, at which time the Academic Standing Committee will determine whether re-admission is granted or not. Further details on Readmission can be found in the Academic Policy section of this catalog.

Students wishing to continue his/her education from the associate to bachelor’s degree should contact Francis Worldwide to complete the appropriate form at worldwide@francis.edu.

Locations and Formats:

All FWW courses are online. Courses range from 8 to 16 weeks. The accelerated courses are offered in two modules per semester so students can take classes module I and module II to maximize their time and credit generation. There are other course offerings and options during the winter and summer sessions as well.


Faculty who teach in the FWW programs bring to the classroom a unique background of exceptional academic qualifications and practical field-related experience. Many FWW instructors also teach in the traditional programs at the University. Others are adjunct faculty from the local educational and professional communities.

College in High School:

In response to requests by area school districts, Saint Francis University has developed a program to offer selected and approved college courses to eligible students in the high school setting. Courses are approved by Saint Francis faculty and taught by high school teachers. Credits earned through the program are accepted by Saint Francis University and most other colleges or universities upon graduation. Students may also register to take college courses at Saint Francis University by registering as a non-degree, non-university student. Permission is granted by the instructor and FWW.

Career Development Series

The Career Development Series (CDS) provides high school students the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit with SFU online courses along with other high school students.

Year One Course Offerings:

Fall 2021

Business: ACCT 101 Financial Accounting  

Health:  PUBH 101 PUBH 101 - Introduction to Public Health    

STEM: CPSC 101 Introduction to Computer Systems  

Spring 2022

Business: MKTG 101 Marketing  

Health: PUBH 111 PUBH 111 - Health, Wellness and Disability   

STEM: ENGR 111 Introduction to Engineering and STEM  

Year Two Course Offerings (These courses are offered to students who particpated in Year One of the program.):

Fall 2021

Business: BUSA 103 BUSA 103 - Advanced Excel with Business Applications  

Health: PUBH 202 PUBH 202 - Introduction to Epidemiology  

STEM: COMM 105 COMM 105 - Media Literacy and Society  

EDUC: EDUC 150 EDUC 150 - Educational Psychology  

Spring 2022 

Business: ACCT 102 ACCT 102 - Managerial Accounting  

Health: PUBH 401 PUBH 401 - Global Health  

STEM: CPSC 110 CPSC 110 - Computer Programming with Business Applications  

EDUC: EDUC 231 EDUC 231 - Child Growth and Development  

Billing for each CDS course will be at a discounted rate of $200 per credit, for a total of $600 per course, with no additional student or technical fees.

Students will be responsible for purchasing any required course materials.

Summer Classes / Summer Session:

Regularly scheduled undergraduate courses are offered during the summer under the direction of the FWW office. The classes are scheduled in 8- or 16-week formats to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students who wish to accelerate their degree, make up deficiencies, or ease their academic course load during the regular academic year. Summer classes are held on the main campus in Loretto and online. Classes are taught by full-time faculty as well as experienced adjuncts.

Students in the traditional undergraduate division of Saint Francis University whose programs require summer coursework or clinical experiences, and those who wish to enroll in an internship, independent study, or a tutorial during the summer, should contact their academic advisor and FWW for summer registration information. Visit: https://www.francis.edu/Summer-Courses/

Students enrolled in a graduate program should contact their respective program director for summer registration information.

Additional Information:

Academic Advising:

Each FWW student is assigned one of our experienced advisors who will assist with schedules, questions, and concerns. Advising can be done via telephone, cranium cafe, via email or in person. See the Academic Policy section of this publication.


Students should consult with their advisor prior to registering for courses. Students are to use the online registration system through my.francis.edu. The Registration Agreement must be read and submitted each term prior to registration. See the Academic Policy section of this publication.

Course Load:

There is no set amount of credits that each adult student should take, but the standard rule for college work is that for every one contact hour for a course, the student is expected to do three hours of work on their own (reading, homework, research).

Students just starting to take courses, or resuming their coursework after an absence, are advised to take only one or two courses their first semester. After the initial semester, most students take between two to three courses. However, some adult students are full time taking two courses per module. Students receiving financial aid must take at least six credits per semester to be considered part time.

Students may be non-degree and take up to 24 credits before they must declare a major or discontinue their studies, except those enrolled in the education certification programs. Financial Aid eligibility may be impacted if you are non-degree and not fully accepted or pursuing a degree.

Schedule Changes:

Students should consult with their advisor before making changes to their schedule via my.francis.edu. For an 8-week or less face-to-face or online course, the drop/add period is up to the start date of the course. For a 16-week course face-to-face or online, the drop/add period is through the 7th day of the semester (first week of classes). FWW courses can be added or dropped by the student him/herself through my.francis.edu up to one week before a course starts. After that, and up to the start of the course, a student must contact their advisor in writing to add or drop a course.  NOTE: There may be financial implications related to dropping or withdrawing a course. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

Academic Honors:

FWW students may qualify for honors as outlined in the University Academic Honors policy

Change of Name or Address:

The Registrar is to be informed immediately of the change of a student’s home address and/or change of a student’s name. 

Grade Appeal:

The process for appealing a grade can be reviewed in the University Grade Appeal policy. For guidance on the process, contact your academic advisor at FWW.

Withdrawal from a Course:

All withdrawals must be made in writing and any refund will be calculated according to the email time stamp (worldwide@francis.edu) received at Francis Worldwide. In case of withdrawal from a course before or during the first week, 100% tuition will be refunded. No financial refund can be made for withdrawal from a course occurring after the first week after the start of the course. A week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. For courses scheduled for five weeks or less, no financial refund can be made for withdrawal occurring after the first day of class.

In the case of withdrawal after the first week of class, a grade of “W” will be recorded on the transcript. Withdrawal after the third week (8-week course) or 49th day (16-week course) subjects a student to an “F” grade.

If students with Title IV financial aid funding discontinue their studies, a percentage of the aid must be returned to the Title IV funds according to the institutional formula which is available through the Financial Aid Office.

See the University Refund policy for online-based courses. Note: Distance education students residing in a state outside of Pennsylvania may be subject to the terms of that particular state’s refund policy.

Withdrawal from the University:

See the Withdrawal from the University policy in the Academic Policy section.

University Policies:

For information on other policies governing a FWW student including Privacy of Student Records and Release of Information (FERPA), Student Complaints, Final Exams, Grading System, Auditing Classes, Class Standing, Academic Standing, General Requirements for Graduation, Credit-by-Examination Policy, Class Attendance, Suspensions from Class, Second Bachelor’s Degree, General Regulations for Academic Minors, Transfer of Credit, Repeating Courses, Transcript Service, Withdrawal from the University, Refunds, and Institutional Review Board, refer to the Academic Policy section and Financial Information sections in this catalog. 

University policies are also available at https://www.francis.edu/University-Policies-and-Handbooks/.


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