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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration


Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Accounting program prepares students to enter private, public, or governmental accounting in a variety of fields including financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, taxes, and financial analysis. The program begins with comprehensive coverage of generally accepted accounting principles as a basis of recording business transactions and preparing financial statements. Once this foundation is established, students develop critical thinking skills to analyze financial statements, control costs, prepare budgets, and make decisions based on accounting data.


Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Economics program educates students to participate in the decision-making process of allocating scarce resources and prepares them to function as informed and responsible citizens in a free market economy. Specifically, the program is designed for students who seek careers in the financial services industry, such as investment and commercial banking, the federal government, consulting and/or wish to pursue graduate study in economics or business.  In the macroeconomic dimension, students learn the basic forces underlying the economic organization of society, the theory of national income, aggregate supply and demand, unemployment, inflation, taxation, money and banking, and governmental fiscal policy. In the microeconomic realm, students learn the theory of price under various market conditions, economic functions of government, the theory of the firm, and elements of international economics. As a requirement for graduation students are expected to complete an independent research project.


Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Finance program educates students in the art and science of managing resources, at both the personal and corporate levels. Specifically, the program is designed for students who seek careers in the financial services industry, such as investment and commercial banking; careers in corporate finance or real estate; and/or wish to pursue graduate study in finance or other areas of business. The program begins with a foundation in accounting, corporate finance and investments. Students then expand their critical thinking and decision-making skills with advanced courses in financial management, portfolio management, and other current topics in finance.


Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Management program prepares students to manage profit or non-profit organizations through an education in the classical principles of management developed by the field’s major thinkers and practitioners. The program emphasizes the history of management, business ethics, the legal environment of business, human resource management and labor relations, organizational behavior, production management, risk management, marketing, decision- making, statistics, quantitative methods, leadership and strategic management.

Management Information Systems

Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Management Information Systems Program prepares students to analyze, design, develop, implement, integrate, manage, and maintain management information systems and information technology. The program carefully and effectively blends a solid business administration education with the technical and conceptual aspects of computer-based information systems and e- commerce. Students in the MIS program will need to think critically, solve problems, command effective communication skills, acquire high-caliber computer science knowledge and skills, and develop general business information systems acumen. Students study information systems, database management, applied computer programming with business applications, network and data communications, system analysis and design, decision support systems, and e-commerce. The program prepares graduates for positions of leadership in information management careers, such as information systems manager, information systems analyst, network administrator, data communications specialist, information technology specialist, database administrator, telecommunication manager, web master, and e-commerce consultant.


Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel

The Marketing program prepares students for careers in sales, marketing research, advertising, retailing, and marketing management. The program emphasizes a strong business core combined with advertising, consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing, and marketing management.


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