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2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.S., Marine Biology Concentration

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Chair: Dr.Justin Merry
Program Coordinator: Dr. Sue Morra

The Biology, B.S., Marine Biology Concentration is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to work or continue their studies in a wide array of marine biological careers. Students will focus their studies on completing a wide exploration of marine biology their first two years and then specialize their studies the last two years to prepare for careers as field biologists, coral reef ecologists, fisheries biologists, aquaculturists, etc. or to continue their studies in graduate level programs. Students will build skills in completing marine biological studies throughout the program.

Marine Consortium Summer Courses that may be applied toward the Marine Biology Elective requirement:

            MS 110:
MS 211:
MS 221:
MS 241:
MS 260:
MS 300:
MS 331:
MS 343:
MS 345:
MS 451:
MS 464:
MS 471:
MS 490:
MS 491:
MS 500:
         Introduction to Oceanography
Field Methods in Oceanography
Marine Invertebrates
Marine Biology
Marine Ecology
Behavior of Marine Organisms
Chemical Oceanography
Marine Ichthyology
Marine Ornithology
Coastal Environment Oceanography
Biological Oceanography
Research Diver Techniques
Coral Reef Ecology
Problems in Marine Science

Other approved courses may also be taken. Grades earned at the marine biology station are included in the student’s final quality point average.

Saint Francis University is a member of The Chincoteague Bay Field Station; however, students may attend any accredited marine station with the approval of the chair of the Biology Department.

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