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2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Study Abroad

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The Office for Study Abroad is dedicated to fostering a culture of study abroad at Saint Francis University. Our diverse international programs give students an exciting way to complete credits and offer service. Study abroad introduces students to new cultures and teaches them to appreciate how culture determines values and behaviors. Study Abroad supports the development of skills and offers experiences a classroom setting will never provide; increases students’ self-confidence and has a lasting impact on their worldview.

Students wishing to have a study abroad experience are strongly encouraged to enroll in a Saint Francis University Study Abroad program (list below) to ensure direct acceptance of the course work and credit.

Requirements to Study Abroad

At the time of application, students must have a 2.7 GPA for the semester-long program or a 2.5 GPA for any of the short-term programs (anything lower requires approval from the program director). Passing grades (C or better) in key subject areas may also be required.

Students must have successfully completed at least one semester, and preferably one year, at Saint Francis University before studying abroad.

Students must demonstrate emotional stability and maturity and indicate the ability to lead a responsible and healthy life abroad as a representative of the U.S. and Saint Francis University.

Students applying for study abroad must…
  • Complete an application form. A copy of the student’s passport must accompany the completed application and be submitted to the Office for Study Abroad in Scotus 205. The passport must be valid for six months after return to the USA.
  • Read and sign the Withdrawal Policy included on the application form. 
  • Submit the application fee.  A non-refundable application fee (amount listed on application) is due with the application.
  • Complete and digitally sign the General Waiver form.
  • Request an academic recommendation from an advisor or faculty member. The Academic Recommendation form is online and digitally signed.
  • Complete the online Medical History Form and schedule an appointment with the Student Health Center to discuss the information on the Medical History form as well as health issues and vaccines related to international travel.
  • Submit a Physician’s Release, if applicable. If a student has an underlying condition (ex: asthma, heart condition, diabetes, etc.) the Student Health Center will request a Physician’s Release form to be signed by the student’s family doctor.

Acceptance into any study abroad program will be considered once all travel forms are submitted to the Office for Study Abroad and reviewed. Previous health, academic, or disciplinary problems, may influence the decision.


Semester in France

Students who spend a semester in France will stay in the University’s renovated facility in Ambialet, located in southwestern France. The Semester in France program is based in Ambialet and includes extended stays in Paris and Barcelona in addition to numerous excursions. The core academic program is nine credits: 3 credits in French Language, 3 credits in FNAR 102 Culture and Values, and 3 credits in RLST 390 Early and Medieval Church History and Architecture. Additional courses are taught by visiting faculty. All classes are taught in English, and students from every major are eligible for the program. The cost for spending a semester in France is the same as a semester in Loretto for tuition, room, and board. The student’s financial package applies. Additional costs include airfare, visa, textbooks, and personal spending.


American Sign Language International Immersion

With a hands-on approach, American Sign Language (ASL) students use and build the skills they’ve gained in their ASL coursework while participating on an international program within an all deaf community. Participants will complete required coursework towards 3 credits in ASL 401: ASL Immersion Experience or ASL 454: Special Topics in American Sign Language.

Hugs International Service

During spring break, students travel to impoverished areas and volunteer in clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs.  A large number of students are drawn to these outreach programs for opportunities to engage in service learning, interact with the poor, and have a meaningful spring break.

Cross-Cultural Studies in Italy

This four-week program offers credits in Italian Language and ITAL 254 Special Topics . Students live in residence halls in Parma, Italy, and visit various centers, offices, companies, museums, etc. to study art history, economics, health sciences, food, and the local culture. This program is offered every other year and is available for students of junior and senior status.

Ireland, Scotland, Australia and More

The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA) is a consortium of twenty-four schools throughout the nation, including Saint Francis University, with study abroad programs and internships in English speaking countries. Annually, programs are coordinated in Australia, Belize, Canada, England, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Scotland, South Africa, and other English-speaking areas. Students may receive credit for successfully completing the CCSA program in which they are enrolled. Classes are taught by faculty from consortium-member schools, including Saint Francis University. In addition, internships are available in Dublin, Ireland; London, England; and Sydney, Australia.

International Marine Science

This is a 10-day program offered in May. Students earn a variety of Marine Science credits while diving and exploring warm tropical waters. Credits offered on this program include: MS 101 Open Water Diver, MS 102 Advance Diver, MS 471 Research Diver Techniques, MS 491 Coral Reef Ecology.

Physical Therapy Clinical Education in Italy

Clinical education in another county offers a unique multicultural perspective. The DiSepio Institute grants two travel/study scholarships annually to support international clinical experience. Students need not speak the language of the host country, although some language preparation will be offered as part of the orientation program. Participating students will be assigned clinical instructors who speak English and will be able to document in English. Currently, students are hosted by Fondazione F. Turati in Gavinana in the province of Tuscany, Italy. Fondazione Turati is one of Italy’s leading rehabilitation and long-term care centers.

Spanish in Costa Rica

During this 3-week program, students will earn 6 credits while becoming familiar with the Costa Rican culture, travel to new and interesting places, and live within the land of the “Switzerland of the Americas.” Courses offered on this program include a variety of Spanish Language classes, and various credits taught by visiting faculty. Spanish classes, small in size, will be interactive and focused on communication and culture. Students will stay with host families for a total immersion experience.

Spring Break in London

Business majors and Master of Business Administration students may travel to London for Spring break and earn 3 credits in an innovative hybrid course: Great Britain and the European Union in the Global Economy (cross-listed as MGMT 409, MKTG 409, ECON 409, FIN 409, MIS 409, MHRM 544, or MBA 513). This course requires class meetings in Loretto and several online projects. This program is available for students of sophomore, junior and senior status.

Physician Assistant Clinical Study Opportunities

During the clinical year (second year, professional phase), all students are required to complete clinical rotations in a number of specialties, including an elective rotation (for more information on rotations refer to the Master of Physician Assistant section of the catalog). With the approval of the Physician Assistant Program, students may seek the opportunity to complete the elective rotation internationally. International elective rotations may be set up with the assistance of an organization that provides medical missions to the underserved or specializes in student placement of medical rotations internationally. One such program is Child Family Health International (CFHI). CFHI specializes in finding students medical experiences in places such as Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Nicaragua, and South America. All students who wish to participate in clinical experiences abroad must be in good standing with the Physician Assistant Program and seek prior approval.

Social Work in Taiwan

Students will earn 3 credits in SCWK 452 International Social Work and 3 credits in FNAR 102 Culture and Values while staying at Providence University in Taiwan. Students will become familiar with Taiwanese culture, travel to new and interesting places, and interact with Providence University students. This is a three-week, summer program, offered every-other year.

Non-Saint Francis University Study Abroad Programs

Students electing to participate in an international study abroad experience not sponsored by Saint Francis University assume the responsibility of all safety and risks associated with their time abroad. Students are strongly encouraged to research their destination and review information on the Government’s travel site (travel.state.gov).

The transfer of credits from a non-Saint Francis University study abroad program or independent travel abroad experience is not guaranteed. Credits will be considered for transfer after the necessary paperwork is completed through the Registrar’s office. In order for federal financial aid to be available for outside study abroad, a consortium agreement is needed between Saint Francis University and the outside institution hosting the study abroad program. Students interested in this option must notify the financial aid offices at Saint Francis University and the host institution.

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