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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Minor

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Department Contact:

Program Coordinators: 

Dr. Jessica Cammarata, jcammarata@francis.edu, 814-472-3851
Dr. Shlomit Flaisher-Grinbert, sfgrinberg@francis.edu, 814-472-3056
Dr. Stephen LoRusso, slorusso@francis.edu, 814-472-3853
Dr. Justin Merry, jmerry@francis.edu, 814-471-1105

Program Description:

The Neuroscience minor is an interdisciplinary program of study, the aim of which is to examine the relationship between the brain and behavior from a variety of perspectives. Those perspectives include the obvious link to psychology, as well as the biological, chemical, and philosophical perspectives. The aim of the minor is to provide information that will allow students to see the connection between their particular majors and behavior. Additionally, the interactions that will occur between students and faculty of different disciplines will facilitate the integration of knowledge necessary to a broader foundation in neuroscience.

The neuroscience minor as a true interdisciplinary program is not housed in any particular department. Direction of the program is by committee with representatives from three departments: Biology - Dr. Justin Merry; Psychology - Dr. Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg; and Physical Therapy - Dr. Jessica Cammarata and Dr. Stephen LoRusso. The responsibility of the faculty directing the program is to oversee the program and to help students develop a course of study in neuroscience related to their majors.

The minor in neuroscience enables students to make explicit the idea that neuroscience is truly an interdisciplinary science with foundations in psychology, biology, and chemistry; it also enables students to enhance the career options of various majors by broadening their general educational experience. This minor is well-suited to students who are contemplating professional or research careers.

Total Credits Required:

21 credits

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