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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Francis Worldwide: Accounting, Certificate

Go to Francis Worldwide, School of Continuing Studies  for more information.

Department Contact:

Francis Worldwide Dean:Dr. Tricia McFadden,

Francis Worldwide Director: Mrs. Sherri Link, Academic & Student Affairs,

Partnering Academic Department: Business Administration
Chair: Dr. Angela Seidel,

Program Description:

The Accounting, Certificate program, offered in collaboration with the Shields School of Business, prepares individuals to enter private, public, or governmental accounting in a variety of fields including financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, taxes, and financial analysis. The program begins with comprehensive coverage of generally accepted accounting principles as a basis for recording business transactions and preparing financial statements. Once this foundation is established, individuals develop critical thinking skills to analyze financial statements, control costs, prepare budgets, and make decisions based on accounting data.

The 24-credit program can be valuable to those beginning careers or to those changing career directions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Francis Worldwide and the Shields School of Business will graduate students who have the knowledge, skills, love of learning, confidence, drive, and ethical and moral values needed to be spiritually fulfilled in life and successful in professional careers. Upon completion of this program, students are able to: 

  • Demonstrate, in the Spirit of Saint Francis in the Marketplace, knowledge of the ethical value choices and responsibilities of businesses and business leaders;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles in business in the functional areas of accounting, information systems, finance, management, and marketing; 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal, social, economic environments of business;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the global dimension of business;
  • Integrate the functional areas of business in the process of decision making;
  • Demonstrate the ability to professionally communicate. 

Admission Requirements:

Admission candidates must have graduated with a minimum GPA of 2.5 achieved in a baccalaureate degree. See Francis Worldwide, School of Continuing Studies  for admission criteria and information.

Estimated Completion Time:

Typically 1-2 years of part-time study

Total Credits Required:

24 credits